Explanation of expressions relating

Specific expressions used in the contract.

※Our monthly contract does not require deposit, key money, agent fees etc.

Rent Monthly rental fee. Some include management fees for maintaining public facilities and public service fees.
Deposit Equivalent to 1-2 month's rent. Cleaning and maintenance fees will be deducted when leaving the property. The remainder will be returned to the tenant.
Key money Equivalent to 1-2 month's rent. Paid to the landlord when signing the contract to express thanks. Not returned when leaving the property.
Agent fees Equivalent to 1 month's rent, paid to the agent for introducing the property.
Renewal fees 1-2 month's rent payable when updating the contract after 2 years.
Joint guarantor The guarantor guarantees the identity of the tenant when signing the contract. As a basic condition, the joint guarantor must be an independent adult. In principle, the guarantor should be Japanese.

Housing Terminology

L Living room D Dining room K Kitchen
R Bedroom tatami-style room Western-style room
CL Closet WIC Walk-in closet SR Small, windowless room
UB Bathroom WC Washroom EV Elevator


One room (connected to kitchen)
One room, one kitchen
Two rooms, dining room and kitchen
Three rooms, dining room, kitchen and living room

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